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Left using right wing playbook on Nader

Posted by eggman on February 27, 2008

Right wing tactics are being used to discredit Ralph Nader’s candidacy. The game is to attack Nader’s personal motivations and mental state, portray him as a demented senile old nutter in need of attention — all things of which we can know nothing about and which make no reference to any actual arguments made by Ralph and his supporters.

Here are a few examples.

From a “Z Politics” post titled “Why I Hate Ralph Nader“:

“I agree with him on those issues but he has no business running for President. He is not running for President because he cares about his country. He is running for President because he is selfish and he enjoys playing the role of the spoiler.”

From a “Politics and Religion” post titled “Ralph Nader the Hater Enters the Race“:

“Oh Ralph Nader, you’re so silly (…) I mean, we can all see through his “righteousness” reasons. Frankly, I think he just wants his 15min of fame in these historical times”

Posted on Cape Cod Today is an editorial title “George W. Bush didn’t cause 4,000 American troops to die, Ralph Nader did“, which begins:

“If Ralph Nader had not decided his ego was more important than America’s safety, Al Gore would have been elected President in 2000 and George W. Bush and his neo-con maniacs could not have invaded the Middle East and turned half the world against our country and put our nation in jeopardy for decades to come.

And the bastard wants to do it again.”

How about this one titled “Ralph Nader: Turd in the Campaign Punch Bowl“, from which I select the kindest quotation:

“Would you want your cranky-ass grandmother in the Oval Office, constantly lecturing you about wearing your seatbelt and telling you to pull your pants up?”

Have a look at this cartoon making the rounds, titled “Unsafe at Any Speed” in which Nader is depicted as a frail, senile old man pushing his walker menacingly into the race.


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