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An intelligent analysis of the reaction to Nader

Posted by eggman on February 25, 2008

P M Carpenter has posted an excellent analysis of the hysterical reaction to Nader’s candidacy by progressives. An analogy is drawn between Nader/Obama-bashing progressives who defend Hillary Clinton and right wing idealogues whose visceral reaction to undesirable external data resembles a response to cognitive dissonance. From the post:

Of these Democrats and loosely party-affiliated bloggers, roughly half, let’s say (likely more, but let’s just say half), lean to the progressive camp. And of this subset, we can further reasonably assume that roughly half in turn are, or were, either in the Clinton camp or at least had no fundamental philosophical objections to it. Hillary is, or would have been, just fine with them.

Which is to say, the one “progressive” candidate who openly, stridently, swinishly violated the most fundamental precept of cherished progressive doctrine — that this nation should never, ever even contemplate war without intolerable provocation — would be a fine and dandy nominee.

Ralph Nader, however, who openly and stridently opposed the violation of this most fundamental precept, is to be met and countered with fear and fury.

In short, with philosophical respect to this subset of a subset, a progressive candidate who devotedly upholds progressive tenets is to be denounced and ostracized; a progressive candidate who opportunistically spits in progressive faces is to be warmly embraced.

The colossal, back-flipping hypocrisy of it all is not only stunning, it’s sadly reminiscent of the very crowd — the right-wing lunatic fringe — that so many of these same progressives have smugly ridiculed for decades, and for the same reason.

I should note that the cited post is by no means an endorsement of Nader. It was simply an analysis of the reaction that he has provoked.


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