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support for Ralph Nader’s candidacy

Why Ralph?

Posted by eggman on February 24, 2008

Why Ralph? Because somebody needs to ask the “ordained” candidates a few questions. We need more than slogans. Obama “believes in change”, but not in single payer health care. Why won’t Obama or Hilary discuss structural change in our health care system? How can they believe that throwing more money at the same system will alleviate the skyrocketing costs? Why not discuss those systems that work much better in other western industrialized countries? Why wouldn’t they also work in the USA? HOw will Obama’s and Hilary’s solutions treat rising costs and personal bankruptcy caused by our insane insurance-based health care system?

Health care is just one issue that demonstrates the answer to the question “Why Nader?”. Because he’ll ask the questions that aren’t being asked, let alone answered.

America ought to belong to it’s citizens, not the political upper class. The political upper class is saying that only ordained democrats and republicans may participate in our democracy as candidates. DO they own the democractic process? I’ll decide where to place my vote. As far as I can tell, Nader is the only candidate discussing issues that I care about. Instead of attacking the legitimacy of his candidacy, I suggest that the political upper class would do better to address the issues that Ralph raises.

I don’t seek to vote for an abstract noun — a “change, a “historic moment”, “turning a corner”. I need to vote for an intelligent dialogue on crucial issues that makes reference to specific nouns (e.g., insurance-based versus single payer health care). That’s why we need Ralph in this election.


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